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Its Excitement to Bring Red into your Home

January 10, 2011 in: Concept, Decoration, Design, House, Interior

Usually when used as an accent wall, red can be eye catching, but it can also be overbearing to the inhabitants.   If you choose to use red as an entire wall, consider using a deeper tone of red.  Burgundy, Bordeaux, currant red, and other deeper reds are easier to absorb than a fire engine red, or Corvette red! If you do like the saturated bright red, try to tone down the furnishings with neutrals in whites and blacks.  This will help the eye not get distracted in several areas of the room.


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Tips to Bringing Blue into your Home

October 17, 2010 in: Concept, Decoration, Design, Furniture, Indoor, Kitchen, Livingroom, Outdoor

What do you think about blue color? For people who has escaped to the tropics for rest and relaxation knows the calming effect of blue water.  Blue is the color of the expansive sky above and the gorgeous oceans below, and bringing the color into your home is therapeutic and relaxing.


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Princess Castle Loft Bed by Poshtots

August 18, 2010 in: Bedroom, Design, Furniture, Indoor

Most little girls usually dreaming want to be a princess. Then why don’t we try to make the dreams come to reality? With the unique Princess Castle Loft bed which designed by Poshtots, every little girls can get their private palace as their desire.

Princess Castle Loft bed provides most anything that needed for your little angel. It can be used as a bed, playhouse, storage in a clever and discrete steps with chest of drawers, slides fun, and a large playroom downstairs, and also tower rack cabinet by adding more storage space for this custom-painted bed fairy tale theme.

Princess Castle Bed

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